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Welcome To WellGro

WellGro Tech, is a Chennai, India based Multi National Company is an Environment Technology Solutions provider founded by Technocrats. Dr. Seshadri RamKumar, Professor from TexasTech University, USA joined the Board of WellGro Tech as a Technical advisor and adding values. We have worldwide collaboration and distribution network. Microplastics and marine pollution have been gaining global attention, in addition to oil spill accidents. We @ WellGro Tech launched biodegradable and nonwoven composite oil absorbent mats, which are environment friendly, innovative and care for People.

Oil Absorbent Mats

Generally, Oil Absorbent Mats are predominantly synthetic based and with increasing awareness on issues with marine pollution by plastics, the products @ WellGro Tech are non-synthetic Absorbent Mats.

Oil Absorbent Rolls

The Absorbent Rolls & Mats are popular products which come as environmental friendly products. The Absorbent Core is biodegradable...

Spill Containment Booms

We developed Spill Containment Booms varied forms of 95% and 100% biodegradable and prevent environmental and pollution problems.

Our Products

Oil Absorbent Mats

Sustainable Absorbent Pads and Mats are devoid of Plastics and can be reused multiple times

Oil Absorbent Rolls

Biodegradable nonwoven composite Oil Absorbent

Spill Containment Booms

Absorbs petroleum based and non-petroleum based oils

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Our Blogs

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Materials for the Oil Absorbents

For some Oil Spills, the best solution may be using Oil Absorbents, commonly referred to as Sorbents. There are a variety of Oil Absorbent...

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Technology, Company

A new technology that is easy to manufacture and uses commercially available materials makes it possible to continuously remove Oils...

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Oil isn't just for fueling Cars. Are you wearing shoes right now? Chances are good that some parts of those shoes are made from petroleum Oil.

Tested in

SIIR, Delhi

ONGC, Karaikal

Lab @ Texas, USA

Balmer, India